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Steph Lo

Plants + Flowers

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While embarking on a professional dance career, Stephanie has always identified as a bonafide plant nerd. From pinpointing plant families to staring at arrangements for hours, she enjoys the calming beauty and cunning biology of plants with awe and wonder. Like a moth to a flame, she has been drawn back to the industry repeatedly between dance gigs and soon found herself outfitting weddings, installing home gardens, creating branch centerpieces for NYC restaurants, caring for ferns in corporate offices, leading terrarium workshops, and even decorating gigantic Christmas trees!

With each passing project, she noticed how the simple introduction of a little greenery boosted everyone's mood and she wanted to keep that vibe going. Having moved on from performing, she channels her energy into creating lush and quirky pieces with plants and flowers, and enjoys teaching these skills to sleeper agent plant enthusiasts. She also teaches group fitness ranging from mindful yoga to psychotic barre classes.

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